Friday, November 7, 2008

Literal Mommy

I'm literal. Ask anyone. Ask James, my seven-year-old. He knows. Here's evidence:

James: Hey, Mom. what kind of animals live...


(aside, whispered in my ear): Hey, Mom. This is a joke.

Mom (nodding, whispering): Okay.

James: Hey, Mom. What kind of animals live on ranches?

Mom: What kind?

James: Horses Of Courses!

This is a cute joke, especially if you're seven.

But far cuter to me is the fact that he knew I wouldn't have known it was a joke, and he knew that if he hadn't given me fair warning, I would have responded by saying, "Uh...cows, horses, sheep..." or "What kind of ranch? It depends on the kind of ranch."

He is very patient with his literal mommy.