Sunday, November 23, 2008

Community Corner Sunday

Yesterday I posted about the new outreach we hope to start at my church.

Today, we gave a presentation about it to our congregation.

We have two services with a fellowship time between, and today we had a Thanksgiving brunch during the fellowship time, which was attended by most of the people from both services. It was during our Thanksgiving brunch that we gave our presentation.

But get this.

Before our announcement, in the first service, a theater group from a local Christian college presented a message to us through drama. They carried the entire service, with just a closing prayer before and after.

Guess what their message was about?


God used this visiting theater group to clearly convey a strong message of community outreach to our little body of believers. Their message combined truth and grace so artfully that hearts could not help but respond. I sat in the back bawling in awe of God's orchestration of events.

And then we got up and gave our announcement about starting the Community Corner!

And then after our announcement, the theater group got up and presented their message again in the second service!

Isn't that super cool? We had no idea God would sandwich our little presentation between two dynamic calls to action that we could never have given ourselves.

The timing was perfect!

God's timing always is.

"The Lord Almighty planned it..." Isaiah 23:9a

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