Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Third Time's the Charm

Today Jeff and I celebrated the eighth anniversary of the third time we met. :)

We think the first time we met was probably at a Vacation Bible School at the church Jeff attended as a small child, which was across the street from my house. Jeff also met my brother that day, and they went to first grade together that fall.

They were best friends all the way through first grade, which meant Jeff came over to my house to play sometimes. And his mom used to babysit me. So we knew each other for a couple of years when I was 5/6 and he was 6/7.

We looked about like this:

The second time we met, I was 15 and Jeff was 16. Our families, who no longer lived near each other, met up for a day and hung out. Our big sisters, who'd also been best friends, had kept in touch via snail mail for several years, and they arranged the gathering of our two families.

We met up at a science museum and walked around all day looking at two-headed goats, planetariums, and simulated earthquakes. I remember walking into the earthquake room and discovering that Jeff had secretly pushed the "start quake" button, anticipating my response with mischievous teenage glee.

That time, we looked about like this:

The third time we met, which was 8 years ago today, I was 24 and Jeff was 25.

That time, we fell in love...

...and got married...

...and lived happily ever after.