Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Like a Cat...

Well, my laptop has died again. Yesterday, as I sat typing an email, it made this fizzling noise like you hear when there's static over a speaker system, and then everything went blank. It has been totally unresponsive ever since.

Jeff says it could be a faulty power jack, maybe. If it's not a faulty power jack, then it's a dead laptop.

But we think the bottom line is that it just kept working miraculously for a while after I inadvertently sent a tumbler-full of water cascading through it last April.


But here's a praise. After the last laptop incident, we began looking at potential laptop replacements, calculating in all the extra special features I'd need in order to do my jobs properly.

Since then, I've quit all my jobs. So I don't need nearly as hefty a system as I would have needed if the laptop had not been resuscitated last April. So that's happy. All I really need my new laptop to do is go online. We can get a really cheapy one to do that.

Please pray that I'm able to recover the recent files I've made (like all the boys' school planning stuff). And please pray that we find a new system for me to transfer my files to.

When we bought my laptop two years ago, we bought it refurbished. So it had already lived one life.

Then, a year later, it flew out of my hand and hit the corner of an end table, which shattered the monitor. So that ended its second life.

This past April, it drowned. So that ended its third life.

A month or so ago, the battery refused to charge, so it underwent open-heart surgery to receive a new power jack. So that ended its fourth life.

Then, two weeks ago, the battery died completely in such a way that the system would not boot at all if it wasn't plugged in. So that ended its fifth life.

Yesterday, with the fizzling blank screen, we believe it came to the end of its sixth life.

So it's a bit like a cat.

But, as my wise friend says in situations like these...God made me, God loves me, and God has a plan for me.

So that's happy.