Friday, October 31, 2008

Harvest Party

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Indiana Jones and Batman. And Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Indy's costume comes complete with a real whip.

And Indy is ready for adventure.

Here's mighty Batman with his faithful sidekick, Rosy.

Tough guy springs into action.

Indy eyes the candy dish on the table at our church's annual Harvest Party.

The boys participated in a paper airplane contest, and Batman won the kid division! His plane flew the farthest. He is the Winged Marauder, after all. (His dad built it for him.) Upon winning, Batman exclaimed, "They don't call me the Caped Crusader for nothing!"

Batman and Indy's paper airplane contest instant replay.

They get the paper airplane gene from their dad, who won the adult division of the contest. First prize was a little spongy green frog.

Oh, and check this out. I wanted to show you something:

Remember my rose pumpkin from the bottom of the last post? It was green. Well, the pumpkin ripened (rotted?) and turned the color you see here. Except all the parts I carved stayed green! I was surprised and pleased, and I wanted to show you all. It looks like...intentional art! :)

Happy Harvest! :)