Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Whoever

One of my choir buddies from college, Andrae, works with kids. A couple of days ago, he sent out a ministry prayer email that was the best sermon I've heard in a very long time. I asked his permission to share his email with you. Hope you're as impacted by it as I am. Please remember to keep Andrae and his kids in your prayers.

Around 3pm today, I got a phone call from one of the kids in the group. 'D'. We've been trying to get him enrolled in school. His guardian is in jail, and it seems like more often than not, I have to send him back to the most hellish situations on the planet.

Well, anyway, he's been staying with this 21-year-old guy (which is a Jerry Springer episode in itself, but that's not the point). Mr. 21-year-old beat the living daylights out of this kid, almost threw a brick at his face, and finished it off with biting the kid in the arm...I mean he took a chunk out of this kid.

The police were called...they did nothing. We were at the hospital for forever.

Long story short, I ended up dropping this kid off at a drug dealer's house. My wife said he could stay with us for a little while. I know some of you think this is wrong, but hey, what are we supposed to do? That's why we wanted this big house. Anyway, he said no to the invitation and wanted to be dropped off at the drug dealer's house...why? I hated dropping this kid off in HELL.

In the short of the story, a gun was pulled on me a couple of times as well. Not really the coolest, and not really all that relevant except it helps you understand that these are the folks who are willing to rescue this kid.

I'm upset that there are more folks with guns and weed talking to my kids than people who know Christ. As I drive home 10 blocks from where all this happened, there are two mega churches with at least 30,000 members sitting in the pews. Why won't they get out of the pews and deal with life? We have Jesus...the answer. Jesus talked to the tax collector, the prostitute, the beggar, the uneducated, the rich, the whoever. Why aren't they talking to the folks in this community? It's just frustrating.

Well, pray for D, will you? Pray that the Spirit of God will convict, encourage and love on him. Pray for wisdom for myself on what is the best way to handle this mess.

I'm holding on to the fact that we are more than overcomers through Christ, that God promises to finish what He has started, and that if we will draw near to God, He will draw near to us.


Andrae (right) with some of 'his' kids...

...with his sweet wifey...

...and with their new baby.