Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wild Day

So 'round about last Thanksgiving time, as James reveled in the joy of yet another holiday, we listed together all the major holidays in a year's time. When James realized there was no major holiday in August, he invented one.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...Wild Day.

What is Wild Day?

I'm glad you asked because I've been dying to tell you. Wild Day is a day set aside to celebrate wild animals. James loves wild animals. He plans to be a zoo keeper when he grows up and refuses to watch any film or tv show where cruelty to animals is even hinted at. (Example: when we went to see Wall-E, he didn't like it because the cockroach had to stay behind on earth while Wall-E got to go on a space adventure, and it wasn't fair to the cockroach.)

All year long, James reminded me that Wild Day was coming up on August 1st. So about a week before August 1st, I began to realize he was dead serious (as always) and I had better come up with some ways to celebrate Wild Day or face one very disappointed little boy.

I asked James what he wanted to do for Wild Day, and he said there had to be vines, bird pinatas and wild stuffed animals. He also said we had to go to the zoo for the wild animals part, and to Grandma's farm to help with evening chores for the farm animals part. After a little thought, I added a few things to complete the package.

The day began with a rousing game which involved swinging from our rope swing vine and had something to do with several stuffed animals strewn about the yard. Jeff and I couldn't figure out what the game was about, even after paying close attention for several minutes. But the boys had a whole set of rules, which they each abided by. So Jeff and I just shrugged our shoulders and joined in the fun. If you have the unfortunate disadvantage of being a grownup, the vine spins quickly in circles as soon as you get onto it. I got really dizzy.

After that, we picked up Grandma and Grandpa to take them to the zoo with us. But before we left their house, we were treated to a Wild Day extravaganza. James had been very specific about his Wild Day decor preferences, and Grandma did not disappoint. She supplied everything James requested, including a bird pinata, and she even added a chocolate fountain! Check out that giant stuffed tiger!

After we collected Grandpa and Grandma, we headed to our favorite McDonald's, which we affectionately call The Jungle McDonald's onaccounta the giant jungle mural in the play area. The Jungle McDonald's seemed like an appropriate Wild Day diversion.

We spent about half a day at the zoo, and we're planning to return there in a couple of weeks with our beloved cousins, so we actually spent a lot of time saying, "Well, we're going to skip that this time, but we'll do it when we come back in two weeks." We all love the zoo and had a marvelous time.

From the zoo, we went to a family fun center aptly named Safari Sam's. A jungle fun center! Whodathunk we'd be able to find so many wild things out of which to craft Wild Day! Safari Sam's was a big hit. By all accounts, we believe it is now preferred even to the end-all and be-all of childhood delights: Chuck E. Cheese. The biggest hit? Minigolf under black lights.

After powering through 18 holes and dragging our tired bones home, we camped in Grandma's yard. Jungle Camping. As soon as Jeff and Grandpa had the tent all set up, we were asleep in minutes, each sighing happy sighs and looking forward to next year.

So what will you be doing next year on August 1st?