Monday, August 18, 2008

The Hundred Year Old Bird

James: Why do dey call it da Momaylian Falcon?

Mom: Well, Millennium means one thousand years, and Falcon is a type of bird that flies really well and fast.

James: So, dey called it Da Hundred Year Old Bird?

Mom: They called it The Bird That Flies Fast for a Thousand Years.

James: Whoa. Cool. Da Momaylian Falcon.

Jonathan: Whoa. Cool. The Momaylian Falcon.

Mom: Say 'mil'.

Boys: Mil.

Mom: Len.

Boys: Len.

Mom: Nee.

Boys: Nee.

Mom: Um.

Boys: Um.

Mom: Good! Now say, 'millen'.

Boys: Millen.

Mom: Nee-um.

Boys: Nee-um.

Mom: Good. Now say, 'millenee'.

Jonathan: Millenee.

James: Momaylian.

Mom: James, say 'millenee'.

James: Mimellee.

Mom: Mil-len-nee.

James: Mil-len-nee.

Mom: Try 'millennium'.

Jonathan: Mimellian.

James: Momaylian.

Mom: Millennium.

James: Mimellium.

Mom (cheerfully): You'll get it!

James: I fink I'm gonna to stick wif Momaylian. Da Momaylian Falcon.

Mom: Ah.

James: It makes more sense.