Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Over The...

James: Mom, how old will you be when I'm a grown-up?

Mom: Hmmm...when you're a grown-up, I'll be in my mid-forties. About forty-five.

James: FORTY-FIVE?!?!?

Mom: Yep.

James: Wow. You'll be Over The Hill. Forty is Over The Hill, Mom.

Mom (chuckling): Yes, I guess I will be.

James: Is being Over The Hill okay?

Mom: Yep. I think Over The Hill will be just fine with me.

James: How about when I turn ten, we say I'm Over The Bump.

Mom: Over the bump?

James: Yeah, you know, because a bump is smaller than a hill?

Mom: Oh, okay. That sounds great. Sure. We can say you're Over The Bump when you turn ten.

James: I'll be Over The Bump when I turn ten, and Over The Hill when I turn forty, and then when I turn forty-FIVE, we'll have to say I'm Over The MOUNTAIN!

Mom: Ah. I see. Forty-five is Over The Mountain. (One foot in the grave, yea verily.)

James: Yep.

Jonathan: And when I turn fifty, THEN I'll be Over The RAINBOW! (Get it? Because rainbows are taller than mountains?)

Mom: Now, THAT sounds like a nice place to be!