Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Vacation, Vacation, Vacation

So...my last post was June 19th, and the previous post was 9 days before that. I only posted 6 times in June, and 3 of those only took a couple of minutes. Some pics, an old story, a meme. That's it.

Well, after school got out on the 6th, we spent only seven days at home for the rest of the month of June. All of those seven days were spent in preparation for our time away. So basically, we spent all of June on vacation. I am flabbergasted to discover that it is now July when my summer (at home) has barely begun!

So where did I go?

I went on one of the best vacations of my life.

It began at my Uncle David and Aunt Marjorie's house, an idyllic country home set against the backdrop of several beautifully well-kept gardens of every kind. A bountiful vegetable garden, a nicely-manicured herb garden, a tenderly-crafted fruit orchard arbor (which has a fancy name I can't recall), and several terraced flower gardens. We traipsed alongside quaint duck ponds, listened to the nearby babbling brook, and chuckled at the happy shrieks of our delighted sons as they flung themselves into the wild blue yonder on a long, sturdy rope swing. Jeff got to tour a master's wood shop and enjoy a culinary artist's kitchen cuisine. I saw my grandpa in my uncle's face and soaked up my family with a heart at peace.

From there, we went to a lake town and met up with several of my very dear friends from college. In the nearly ten years since I've been out of school, these friends have kept in faithful contact with me on an almost daily basis via email. In some ways, we are closer than family. Every summer, we meet up to reconnect in person, and it is always a rich, wonderful time. As we grow, our friendships deepen, and this year was especially poignant as we shared about what God has been doing in our lives in the past year. I am so blessed to be surrounded by friends who so beautifully reflect the light of Christ.

After that, we picked up my parents and went to Yellowstone for three days, which I will blog about in the next few posts. It was spectacular.

From Yellowstone, we returned to my parents' house, where we spent six peaceful, relaxing, leisurely, tranquil, idle days. We had such a fun time hanging out with my parents, playing cards, working on my dad's book, watching movies, sleeping late, and resting, resting, resting. Just what we needed.

We spent three days at home, then turned right around and spent three days on a lake at the beach for a staff retreat. We played cards, went boating, watched the waves, hung out, watched movies, and slept some more.

And now, we're home for four days before we go camping for two nights over 4th of July. After that, we should sleep in our own beds basically until the beginning of August.

I have more news to share, but now I'm sleepy. I can't wait to post my next two posts! You'll love them. :)