Saturday, July 19, 2008

Copying Kimberley

If you typically view my blog in a reader, or you receive my posts via email, I'd love for you to stop by my site and check out the new look!

Well, see, what happened was that my Kimberley uploaded a super cool background to her blog, which included a little ad box for the place she found the background.

So I followed her there...on Wednesday morning.

It is now Friday night. Well, technically, it's Saturday morning.

I've done nothing but squint at my laptop for three straight days. My laundry is undone, my family has no clean spoons with which to eat their honey nut cheerios, my living room has become a clutter fest, and my husband has had to endure 'Now how does it look?' a bazillion times until I'd got it 'just right'.

And in order to help me alleviate my own guilt regarding my past three days' time management, I want you to know I have paused and engaged my children nearly every time they have asked me to play a game with them. I have also fed them (sans spoons).

The point here is that Kimberley is entirely to blame. She inspires me, she encourages me, she cheers me on, she give me tips, she loves me just the way that I am, she endures my lack of fashion sense, she reminds me to be myself, and she tells me the truth. Without Kimberley, this would never have happened to my blog.

So thank you, my Kimberley, for being a dear heart worth copying.