Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Change of Pace

When Jeff and I had babies, we intended to homeschool them.

When our babies were 2 and 4, Mommy was all done being around little kids all day.

So Mommy got a part time job to fund her sons' private education.

But after a while, whenever I worked, I could barely concentrate from the ache of missing my babies.

And as school consistently failed to meet James's needs, the ache increased.

But neither of those things really account for the fact that God simply changed my heart.

Now, I want more than anything to be home with my children.

So that's where I'm going.


With my children.

This fall, I will homeschool James in first grade. Jonathan will still attend our church's preschool because it's right next door, and his being there will give me three uninterrupted mornings a week with James. But if I turn out to miss Jonathan too much, then I'll bring him home too. :)

Charlotte Mason, here we come.