Saturday, May 3, 2008


I always tell my boys I'm going to stay with them forever.

They usually nod in satisfied agreement, unable to fathom anything else. They're too young, of course, to realize this is actually a threat.

I also tell them I want to HUG them forever.

This I say while crushing the life out of them as they squirm to get down and play. And boys howdy, they know for dern sure *this* is a threat!

Jonathan usually tries to let me down gently like this:
Mom (smother-cuddling): I want to hug you forEVER!
Jonathan (patiently enduring): Okaaaaay... dat's enuff...

James always tries to use logic on me. It goes like this:
Mom (squeezing to death): I want to hug you forEVER!
James (forcing words out of collapsed lungs): Can' school...tomorrow...

But today, Jonathan felt the need to give more explanation:
Mom (grabbing Jonathan by the torso and swinging him around the room): I want to hug you forEVER!
Jonathan (wiggling both legs like mad): But you CAAAAAAAN'T...! Den I wouldn't be able to play...! Or go to sleep...! Or have snacks...! Or ANYFING!!!

Forever is, after all, a very looooooooooooooooong time.