Monday, April 14, 2008

My Choice

Over at Something Good, this week they said I could share anything praiseworthy I wanted to about my husband.

Well, I've got something.

Today, I purposed to rid the home of clutter. Jeff, who'd been reclining with a great book, sighed like a hero going into battle, uncurled himself, and helped me. We jumped right in and cleared space like mad for about forty-five minutes. Then we looked at each other, both of us totally exhausted for different reasons.

I said, "Okay, now let's go sit down and rest for a little while before we do the next area."

He hesitated ever so slightly, being the kind of person who'd rather just get it all done at once.

I repeated my new mantra, "Rest without guilt!" and headed for the couch.

Jeff, following after me, mumbled, "I wasn't feeling guilty about resting before..."

This is Jeff's first day off after working from sunup to midnight for the past four days, so for him to help me declutter is truly a princely thing to do.

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