Thursday, April 24, 2008

Miraculous Recovery

My laptop is fixed.

It's fixed. It works great.

The only broken thing on it is the left arrow key. That doesn't work at all.

But the rest of it works fine.

It's a miracle.

God did it.

I'll give you one guess as to what I did this morning as soon as my computer booted up.

Wow! How did you guess?

Yes, as a matter of fact, I *did* back up all of my files. As for my work files, I backed up my backup onto the office system, which makes its own backup every night. Yep. I'm all backed up now.

So what happened was that as soon as Jeff realized the laptop had been 'hit', he grabbed it out of my dazed hands, ripped the battery out of the back quick as lightning, went to town with the tiniest screwdriver in the world, unscrewed a zillion miniscule screws, padding the computer innards down with paper towels, blew the snot out of it with my hair dryer, and set the whole business under a heat lamp all night long.

Before the heat lamp but after the hair dryer, we tried to boot it up, and nothing happened.

That's when we started exploring the 'extract files from the hard drive' options.

But this morning, the system booted right up on the first try. Incidentally, this was less than five minutes after I surrendered this entire debaucle to the Lord (in the writing of the previous blog post).

As my relieved boss prayed in our planning meeting this afternoon, "God, we give You all the credit for getting Becky's laptop working again."