Monday, April 28, 2008

First Anniversary

Something Good prompt: How did you celebrate your first wedding anniversary?

On our first anniversary, we had an infant. The previous week, said infant had spent the night at Grandma's house for the very first time - horrendously difficult for his mommy, but also a much-needed break made possible by the absence of breastmilk which made him a formula-fed baby.

So in the evening on our first anniversary, knowing it had worked once before, I allowed Baby Jay to go to Grandma's again, and Jeff took me to musical theater. Then we had a long dinner and a very rare (in those days) full night's sleep.

However, Mommy could only stand to be away from baby for one night, so the next day, we packed the baby up with us and away we all went to a not-so-romantic weekend at the beach. But it was still good to get away.

Jeff was very patient and gracious with his new wife, who was a new mommy, who didn't know yet that hubby comes first and baby would never have remembered being away from her for 2 days.

Instead, he put his wife first by allowing Little Mister to invade what should have been a time of refreshment and renewal in our marriage. (He knew I would have been totally distracted by missing the baby anyway.) In putting me first, he showed me by example how to put him first. I am very grateful.

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