Thursday, April 10, 2008

Diagnosis: Fibromyalgia

Well, folks, the verdict is in.

I have fibromyalgia.

Okay, I didn't go to the doctor and get this official diagnosis written in my chart...yet. But I will.

Jeff and I simply concluded this fact. We said, "Hey, we're smart people. We read WebMD. We know my symptoms. We found the tender points. We can put two and two together."

I've spent the past several days researching, and never before has one condition been able to explain ALL (I'm serious. ALL.) of the random, weird, quirky, inexplicable, incurable symptoms that have plagued me for the past three plus years.

I'm serious. It explains everything. EVERYTHING. Including the recent trembling.

So. Now what? Well, I'm going to make a few significant lifestyle changes that will help me considerably.

Step One: Sleep more. A LOT more.

Step Two: Stretch every day. Walk every day.

Step Three: Make new rules.

Rule One: No more caffeine.
Rule Two: Drink more water. (I already drink lots of water.)
Rule Three: Eat more raw veggies. (This is not a problem for me. I love raw veggies.)
Rule Four: Load up on supplements.
Rule Five: Rest without guilt.
Rule Six: Rest without feeling guilty.
Rule Seven: Don't feel guilty about resting.
Rule Eight: Enjoy guilt-free rest.
Rule Nine: Let go of the guilt associated with resting.
Rule Ten: Rest without guilt.

There's more, but it's still a muddle in my brain at the moment.

Jeff and I have concluded that home treatment will just be our first step in the process of lifelong management. After we've implemented these changes, we'll go to the doctor and get the real diagnosis and the drugs. But the hope is that the drugs won't be as necessary if the lifestyle management is in place. We'll see!