Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another Answer

So. I scoured the internet for information about fibromyalgia today (which shall henceforth be referred to as FM). A couple of my friends are praying specifically for the right doctor and treatment for me, and today God answered. As I perused Google, trying to choose from the buffet of FM sites, I happened to glance to the right sidebar and found a link called "Free Fibromyalgia Consultation".

I clicked on it and found an FM clinic doing a promo of a pilot program in only about five or so of their clinic cities. One of them was my city. I called the number and made an appointment. They'll see me for 30 minutes, diagnose me (if possible) and discuss treatment options.

Upon further examination of their website, after I'd called one of my praying friends and gushed about how God had answered her prayer and I had a free doctor appointment, I discovered the 'clinic' had its own self-designed treatment program, including herbal supplements... for sale.

Then I felt all discouraged because what if it wasn't a real doctor, or it was the company doctor who just told me what I wanted to hear so he could sell me the herbs. I thought I should probably cancel the appointment.

I emailed Velma and happened to mention to her the name of the doctor at the clinic. She wrote right back and said, "Oh. I know him. He goes to my friend's church. He's a real doctor." I then Googled the doctor and read up about his entire medical career spanning 20 years.

So even though I won't sign up for the herbal supplement plan, I feel confident that I'll receive an accurate, bonafide, convincing, non-hypochondriac FM diagnosis. I hope. Isn't it great how God answers prayer?