Monday, March 31, 2008

Knight Protector

The following is written in response to the Something Good prompt When Did You Know. The question was: "At what moment did you know your husband was 'the one'?"

I was pretty sure Jeff was 'the one' after the very first email I got from him, but it wasn't totally confirmed until a few days after we actually met face to face. He asked me to meet him at a large church campus and didn't tell me where he'd be standing and waiting for me. I always like to know that kind of thing, so I was perplexed that he wouldn't accommodate me. He just said, "I'll be around..." When I showed up, I discovered he'd been watching the glass doors like a hawk, so as soon as I walked into the building, he emerged from the crowd and walked very purposefully toward me. My protector. My knight. My champion. That's when I knew for sure.

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