Monday, March 17, 2008

Even In a Fog

One thing I like about the way Jeff relates to me is that he is interruptable. He loves to read, and he's sick today, so all he wants to do is hide in a hole and read undisturbed. But I've been a little clingy today - just wanting him near - so he has been hanging out near me in the living room all day long, despite his desire to be left alone. And as he's reading his book, I've interrupted him a hundred times to ask his opinion about various things: "Do you think it looks better with a short horizontal line between comments or a long horizontal line? Do you think there should be a space or no space between the line and the name of the person? What do you think about what I said in this email? What do you think about how this person responded?" And on and on. Without fail, he has put down his book, looked into my eyes, listened patiently, and given me a verbal response. He knows how to communicate to me that I matter to him, even when his head is in a fog.

This post was written in response to the Something Good prompt 'Relating to You'.

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