Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

My old white cell phone died. I picked it up one day and the LCD looked like a beautiful bright orange lotus flower on a bright blue background. Or like shards of orange stained glass jetting across a blue sea. No idea how it happened.

I turned it over and discovered a nice little crack in the little window thing on the other side. But around the windsail shaped distortion of that side I could barely see a tiny bit of text, which gave me a tiny bit of an idea of which info should have been displayed at a given moment.

But it still worked! I could still use it; I just couldn't see what I was doing, and the only setting I could adjust was the volume. I knew I needed a new phone, but I could still make phone calls, and that's what a cell phone is for, right?

Then this morning, I turned my phone on and it got stuck on the welcome screen, I think, as far as I know, judging by the tiny corner of text on the little window thingy. And I couldn't make calls anymore.

So I bit the bullet and went to T-Mobile. Water damage and cracked screens are not covered by the warranty, and we weren't eligible for any upgrades. So I just bought the cheapest phone they had.

HERE'S THE THING!!!!!!!!!! MY NEW PHONE IS RED!!!!!!!!!! If you know me, you know how pleased I am about this. It is very, very pleasing. I even gushed at the T-Mobile guy. "It's red! I'm so excited! This is really exciting!" Then, feeling the need to explain away his blank expression, I added, a bit less exuberantly, "Red is my favorite color."

He tried to keep a straight face as he politely replied, "Yes, I noticed that..." while eyeing my red car in the parking lot, my red shirtsleeves, the red purse on his sales counter, and the red keychain in my hand.

See, the thing is, with red being my favorite color and all, I've had "red phone envy" for many moons now. I always thought having a red phone would be super cool, but way too extravagant. A pipe dream. Outside the realm of possibility. So to actually have my very own RED PHONE in my hands is indeed a monumental moment.

Here's what it looks like.

My boys said, "Hey. Mom. Can you call Russia on that thing?"