Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stuff Mart, Stuff Mart...

If you're familiar with VeggieTales, you're now singing the title of this post. And this morning, I felt exactly like Madame Blueberry.

Side note. I think my husband is the only male who regularly reads this blog. Therefore, I feel the following topic is pretty safe. However, in the event that I am wrong, I will attempt to be vague, and I apologize to any alarmed men. Here goes.

My bra straps constantly slide down my arms, and it drives me totally and completely INSANE!

At Target today, I found a bra whose straps cross in the back. No more sliding!

Chipper and cheerful to the female cashier, I bubbled over a little about how delighted I was to find this solution. Just before I walked out, she said to me, "Have a good day!"

Beaming, I replied, "I will! Because I finally got the bra I wanted!" She laughed, which of course was my intention. Yep. That's me. Spreading joy to bored cashiers the world over.

But as I walked out the door, I began to talk to myself.

Seriously? Really? You're going to have a good day today because you got the bra you wanted? That's what constitutues a good day? You got more stuff?

Well. No, of course not. I have good days because... well, because I have Christ in me. Only the peace He brings to my soul can result in a truly good day.

Struck by my own bold announcement that buying new things would make me happy, I took a moment to ponder one of my favorite quotes, and how I might go about living it:

Contentment is not having more. It's wanting less.

The problem with discontentment is that the moment I get the thing I've been whining about having, I find something else to whine about. I shift objects, but the spirit of discontentment stays with me.

So what's the cure? Obviously, the cure is NOT getting what I want.

In 1 Timothy 6, verse 11, Paul gives his young charge a more worthy pursuit: righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness.

Abba, may I never be content with less than these.

Having said that, I do truly feel that today's purchase will bring increased contentment. At least for my arms, which will no longer be tickled by bra straps.