Sunday, February 24, 2008

Posting Vicariously

Jeff had a very cute conversation with James which he has deemed blogworthy. I have to agree. (But the main thing I love is the way Jeff delights in his children.)

Anyway, James (age 6) told Jeff that when he grows up and marries the girl he likes, he's still going to live with us. And the girl he likes is going to move in with us.

But James is concerned that when he gets married, he won't have time for Jonathan anymore because he'll be focused on his wife. So he says he and his wife better have kids right away so Jonathan will still have somebody to play with, since James won't be available anymore.

James also informed his dad that he was really looking forward to being a grown-up so he could finally tell Jonathan what to do. He wants to help raise Jonathan.

Jeff informed James that when he's a grown-up, Jonathan will be a grown-up too. James was flabbergasted: "What?!?"

Apparently, he thinks Jonathan will always be four years old.