Friday, February 1, 2008


James: [brow furrowed, wings unfurled, hurtles down the hallway]

Mom: [grabs James around the tummy, lifts him off the ground, and hugs him]

James: [arms and legs flailing in mid-air] ACK!!!

Mom: [kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss]

James: [indignant] I'm a myffical griffin!!!!

Mom: [releasing James] I love you and I hope you had a good day at school!

Jonathan: Myffical CREATURE school.

Mom: Mythical creature school, huh?

James/Jonathan: YEAH.

Mom: [going into bathroom] Aha.

Jonathan: You just went in the myffical baffroom!

Mom: Okay! I'm going to go mythical potty!

Jonathan: [groan]