Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Took My Hair Into My Own Hands

I found this activity over at The Surrendered Scribe and thought I'd join in, even though it's now Wednesday.

Julie, the Surrendered Scribe, says the idea is to post an accomplishment. Well, I've floundered around with Great Clips for many years, always getting a different hairdresser each time. I've put myself at their mercy, too shy to explain what I really want and too timid to speak up if my hair turns out horrible.

My friends encouraged me to see just one person all the time, and they recommended a local lady, Mary, who cuts their hair, who they've been really pleased with. So Mary has been my one and only hairdresser for about a year and a half. I've been very faithful.

One problem. In all that time, she's only cut my hair to my satisfaction ONE TIME.

I'm trying to grow my hair out, but I want to keep it shaped and trimmed throughout the process. Yesterday I went to Mary to have her trim my bangs. She did trim my bangs. She also layered my hair all the way up my head, which I had expressly requested the avoidance of, and she tapered it so the back is longer than the front, which I had also specified was a no-no.

I came home horribly depressed and washed my hair immediately, hoping that would help. It didn't. I determined to go back to Mary today to have her fix it. But my hopes were dim. If she botched it so badly yesterday, how was a return trip to her going to help at all?

I got in the car and headed toward her shop, but as I drove, a new resolve settled within me, and I made a decision. She's not my hairdresser anymore.

I made my way to a little shop I'd been to once before, and with tear-filled eyes and hormonally-shaken vocal chords, I explained yesterday's disaster and asked if they could fix it.

Cheryl brought me over to her station and had all sorts of things to say about poor Mary. "Hmmm...this side is longer than that looks like she worked a lot over here and not much over there...yeah...see this blunt cut she did...that just weighs your hair down..."

Cheryl proceeded to do as much as she could to hair that had been butchered short while trying desperately to grow long. Then she wrote my hair goals on a 3x5 card and put them in her little client box, including all sorts of instructions about my hair's unique structure (super thick, appears to be wavy but is actually full of cowlicks, always cut it dry to see how it will lay, use the point tip technique, thin the back, etc.) Notes to herself about my hair.

I felt so relieved. I also felt exceedingly glad to have finally awakened to the fact that simply having the same hairdresser for a long time does not guarantee satisfactory haircuts, nor should I continue to stay where I'm unsatisfied and hope the next encounter will be better. My accomplishment is that I switched hairdressers.

Oh. And the best part is that Cheryl only charged me $5 to fix my hair today, since it had just been trimmed and thinned (and hacked all to pieces) the day before.