Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Name Change?

Well, Jonathan, age 4, announced today that his name shall henceforth be Jonny.

I'm going to see if he forgets about it. I hope he does. I asked him why he wanted to be called Jonny. He said, "I'm bored of Jonathan Micah Frame. Jonathan is too long."


But Jonathan means "The Lord has given."
And Micah means "Who is like the Lord?"
Who wouldn't want such a picturesque moniker?

I've already had to give up "Baby Jay" for the much more distinguished "James". I just don't think I can swap Jonathan for Jonny.

Because every time I say "Jonny", my cursed musical brain will tag on, "...and the sprites!" And then I and my family will be doomed to months of "Johnny! And the sprites! (Did you see one?) Johnny! And the sprites! (Could you be one?)" And the worst part is they don't even watch that show.

So...I just had to whine about it a little. Thanks. I feel better.