Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Magic Word

Jonathan: Let us through! We want to come in your castle!

Dad: You didn't say the magic word yet.

Jonathan: Bibbitty-bobbitty-boo!

James: Expeditious?

Jonathan: Hocus pocus!

James: Wingardium Leviosa!

Jonathan: Incendio!

Dad: It's an old, famous password. And it's not a caraway seed.

James: What's a caraway seed?

Jonathan: May I please go inside your castle?

Dad: You guys might need to ask someone for a hint.

James: Will you please give us a hint?

Dad: I did. I think Mom can guess it from the hint.

Mom: No, I can't.

Dad: It's not a caraway seed, and it's not Sesame Street.

James: Plaza Sesamo?

Dad: Can Mom guess it now?

Mom: Why is that the password? What's special about that?

Dad: It was Alibaba's password to go into the den of the 40 thieves.

Bored silence.

Dad: Okay. I'll give each of you a part of it.


James: Says!

Jonathan: Ah!

More whispering.

James: Me!

Jonathan: Seed!

James: Open Sesame!!!

Jonathan: Give me sesame!!!

Poor cerebral Jeff. He finally gave up and walked away.