Monday, January 14, 2008

My One Hundred (and Tenth) Post

My sister Shelly informed me that many people celebrate their 100th post. I did celebrate, but just by myself in my own head. My celebration went something like this: "Wow! 100. Cool."

That was it.

Well, this is my 110th post, but close enough. I really liked what Shelly did with her 100th post. She says there's a traditional "100 Things About Me" post, but she instead did a spinoff of 150 Things To Do Before You Turn 150, from her friend Lainey's blog. So I'm copying Shelly's spinoff.

Here we go wtih 100 Things To Do Before You Turn 100. So fun! (The things I've already done are bolded and italicized.)

01. Swam with wild dolphins: No. I think that would be scary.

02. Climbed a mountain: My dad's a mountain climber. So I lost count of my mountain tally long, long ago.

03. Taken a Ferrari for a test drive: Well, I sat in a Dodge Viper once, but the owner wouldn't let us actually back it out of the garage.

04. Been inside the Great Pyramid: Nope.

05. Held a tarantula: I hope dearly that I die before that ever happens.

06. Rafted the Snake River: Yep. For my rich friend's 16th birthday party.

07. Said “I love you” and meant it: All the time!

08. Hugged a tree: Yes, but not to keep someone else from chopping it down.

09. Bungee jumped: I used to want to try this, but now all I can think about in conjunction to bungee jumping is how sore my joints would be.

10. Visited Paris: I flew over it. Does that count?

11. Watched a lightning storm at sea: No, but I've seen a "sea lightning storm" from the beach.

12. Stayed up all night long and saw the sun rise: A handful of times. Always magical.

13. Seen the Northern Lights: On a concert tour in Alaska.

14. Grown and eaten your own vegetables: There is nothing like homegrown tomatoes.

15. Touched an iceberg: On that concert tour in Alaska.

16. Slept under the stars: remember the mountain climbing thing? Well, that's where the best stars are.

17. Changed a baby’s diaper: Five thousand six hundred and three, five thousand six
hundred and four...

18. Taken a trip in a hot air balloon: I really want to do this. For a while we lived in a town that hosted hot air balloon tours, and we used to watch them every Saturday morning as they floated past our house.

19. Watched a meteor shower: They have great meteor showers in at the tops of those mountains too.

20. Gotten drunk on champagne: Not on champagne...I think it was called a Toasted Almond.
That was the old me.

21. Given more than you can afford to charity: Gladly!

22. Looked up at the night sky through a telescope: my husband's dad has one and we all got a chance to do some star-gazing through it at last summer's Family Star Party.

23. Had a food fight: And lost pathetically. I'm not much of a fighter.

24. Had a snowball fight: Did I mention I grew up in the mountains? It snows there. A lot. For about nine straight months.

25. Held a lamb: Do my own little babies count?

26. Seen a total eclipse: Once when I was very small. I barely remember.

27. Ridden a roller coaster: I am a roller coaster fanatic. I love them.

28. Hit a home run: Ummm...try hit a baseball...ever.

29. Adopted an accent for an entire day: I'm sure I've never lasted an entire day.

30. Actually felt happy about your life, even for just a moment: Actually, I usually always feel happy about my life.

31. Visited all 50 states: No. But between my husband and I, we are really close on this one.

32. Had/Have amazing friends: Absolutely. The kind that will stay forever.

33. Watched whales: With binoculars, from my uncle's beach house.

34. Backpacked in Europe: Well, we were walking, and I was wearing a backpack. But I'm pretty sure the streets of Rome aren't in the Backpacker's Guide to Europe. Oh! But I climbed to the top of a mountain overlooking the Sea of Galilee when I was in Israel. I had a backpack on that day too. Not in Europe, though. And we really weren't too far from the tour bus.

35. Taken a roadtrip: Way too many to count. I think my longest roadtrip ever was from Los Angeles to Toronto and back.

36. Gone rock climbing: Not with equipment.

37. Midnight walk on the beach: Twice. Once on a double date. My date married the other girl. But it's all good. Jeff's the man for me. And once with Jeff. I liked that time better.

38. Gone sky diving: I just don't think I'd be able to put my faith in the parachute.

39. Visited Ireland: Not yet. I've also not yet been to my family's castle in Wales.

40. In a restaurant, sat at a stranger’s table and had a meal with them: Not that I recall.

41. Milked a cow: Yep. Mom grew up on a dairy farm. She taught me.

42. Alphabetized your cds: In the past, yes. At the moment, they're organized by genre.

43. Pretended to be a superhero: WONDER WOMAN!

44. Gone scuba diving: I don't think I want to. Same as the wild dolphins.

45. Kissed in the rain: My first kiss in the rain was from my fiance, in the park where my
parents used to walk when they were courting.

46. Played in the mud: I can still feel it squishing between my toes.

47. Played in the rain: One of my favorite things. It makes me feel like I'm being held and protected. It's so peaceful. (This varies depending on the intensity of the downpour, of course).

48. Gone to a drive-in theater: For a while we lived in a town that still has one of very few remaining drive-ins in the country. It was a great date when we had infants. They slept right through it.

49. Visited the Great Wall of China: I think I have relatives who have been there...

50. Fallen in love and not had your heart broken: Well, it's been broken, but he stuck around to mend it again.

51. Toured ancient sites: All over Israel, and all over Italy. I've seen what is believed to be the oldest structure in the world.

52. Taken a martial arts class: Nope. But this may happen soon. My boys have just enrolled.

53. Gotten married: We just celebrated seven years! And we're still loving every minute of married life. Well, let's put it this way. It's never boring.

54. Been in a movie: Nope.

55. Gone without food for 5 days: I'll probably never do this.

56. Made cookies from scratch: Now that's one thing I CAN do in the kitchen!

57. Won first prize in a costume contest: I just never had the guts to be that creative.

58. Ridden a gondola in Venice: I must confess I actually can't remember for sure, but I think so. I'd have to go back and look at my pictures of Venice to be sure. Beautiful city.

59. Gotten a tattoo: I don't want one anymore.

60. Been on television: Not to my knowledge.

61. Gotten flowers for no reason: I was temping, doing data entry at a college, and I'd been on three dates with my future husband. Late in the afternoon a glass vase with a dozen red roses came parading down the hallway outside my little glass prison. I called Jeff to thank him for the flowers. I asked him what he was doing right then. He got a guilty sound in his voice and said, "Shopping." But there was no ambient shopping noise in the background. I had a hunch that turned out to be true. He was picking out my engagement diamond!

62. Performed on stage: I sang my first solo, an original composition, at age seven. My most recent stage experience was...yesterday. I'm on stage at least once a week. It's my home away from home. I'll post yesterday's stage blooper pretty soon. It's a good one.

63. Been to Las Vegas: On the way to Mexico for a missions trip.

64. Eaten shark: Ew!

65. Kissed on the first date: "But the woman who waits till the third time around, head in the clouds, feet on the ground, she's the girl he's glad he's found, she's his shipoopi!"

66. Gone to Thailand: My sister has.

67. Bought a house: Yes. And loved it. And lost it.

68. Been in a combat zone: I once again refer to my travels in Israel.

69. Been on a cruise ship: This falls into the "not yet" category. We think we might go next summer. Not sure yet.

70. Spoken more than one language fluently: Also a "not yet". I would like to be fluent in Spanish. I've had three years. I can muddle along, but only if the other party can muddle along in English. Between us, we usually get the job done.

71. Raised children: Working on it.

72. Passed out cold: I always pass out if they draw too much blood. And being passed out always produces the most vivid dreams imaginable. It's bizarre.

73. Taken an exotic bicycle tour in a foreign country: That...actually sounds kind of...boring.

74. Walked the Golden Gate Bridge: Nope. We drove across it.

75. Been to the Top of The Empire State Building: My brother has.

76. Piloted an airplane: I've never been in anything smaller than a Horizon Air puddle jumper.

77. Touched a stingray: Refer to comment on dolphins and scuba diving.

78. Helped an animal give birth: And snapped a lot of blurry pictures in the process. There were eight kittens in all. The pick of that litter still roams around my house yowling for his dinner.

79. Broken a bone: I've managed to escape this malady. I am, however, responsible for all of the broken bones in my family's childhood.

80. Gone on an African photo safari: This also sounds a bit boring.

81. Had a facial part pierced other than your ears: This makes me queasy.

82. Fired a rifle, shotgun, or pistol: A rifle. With my cousins. Pretty fun, actually.

83. Ridden a horse: With the same cousins. They (and their horses) were very patient with me. All the horses I've ever been on know in short order that they don't actually have to heed my commands.

84. Had major surgery: A C-section. A marvelous, glorious, pain-free C-section. Loved it. And does an exploratory laparoscopy count?

85. Had a snake as a pet: Yuck.

86. Hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon: I don't think this is a priority for me, but I won't complain if the opportunity arises.

87. Slept 30 hours in a 48 hour time frame: Well, as an infant...

88. Visited all 7 continents: I've only been to North America, Europe and Asia.

89. Eaten kangaroo meat: I'll pass, thanks.

90. Eaten sushi: Is any kind of raw fish sushi? I had quite yummy raw fish in the Philippines.

91. Had your picture in the newspaper: I grew up in a small town. So yes.

92. Changed someone’s mind about something you care deeply about: Unless this excludes my own offspring.

93. Parasailed: Yes. Off the coast of Florida. It was spectacular. I sang my heart out!

94. Touched a cockroach: Blech.

95. Read The Iliad: In high school. I liked it. We had a good teacher who made it come alive.

96. Selected one “important” author who you missed in school, and read: C. H. Spurgeon, George MacDonald, C. S. Lewis, Charlotte Bronte.

97. Been elected to public office: I was voted Chorale Secretary in college, by popular demand. My name wasn't even on the ballot. I was a "write-in". And recently, I was asked if I would like to be nominated to become the Worship Deaconness at church. I turned it down.

98. Sold your own artwork to someone who didn’t know you: Not unless there's a market for stick figures anytime soon.

99. Dyed your hair: No. I don't want to. I like my gray. But my husband said recently, "You know...if you ever feel like coloring your know...someday...well...that would be okay with me..."

100. Saved someone’s life: I pulled my drowning brother out of a pool when he was five years old.

Wow! Are you still reading? I'm impressed! Now you can sing to yourself, "I'm a survivor..."