Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Animals Being Crazy at the Zoo

Once upon a time, there was a zoo.

And inside the zoo, were so many animals that they didn’t know that they were outside of their pens.

And even the hippopotamuses were jumping up and down!

Also the giraffes were running back and forth!

And the zookeeper said, “Silly animals. You guys are jumping up and down and running back and forth.”

And the orangutans were falling down from their branches!

“Silly orangutans, silly hippos, and silly giraffes!”

And also, the zebras were rumbling and tumbling over the grass.

And also, the wolf pups were driving the zookeeper crazy!

And an awesome bird appeared. It was called a bald eagle!

And the elephant turned into a wooly mammoth.

And the parakeets were flying over the zookeepers.

And the lions were having a bit of fun.

And then, the sloths were shrinking.

There was a super villain. And his name was Dr. Shrinky. Tyrone was playing him.

And there was someone “goo-ing” the giraffe. And his name was Yucky Man.

And two super heroes appeared. Weather Woman and Captain Hammer.

And there, in the hippos’ pen, was Weather Woman!

And know what was in the bats’ pen? A zookeeper! The zookeeper was cleaning the bats’ place.

And the pies were starting to be eaten. From Dr. Shrinky!

And the zookeeper said, “Please! Don’t eat them!”

And then he closed his mouth and the pie was going that way.

And the zookeeper went, “Phewsh! Now my animals won’t jump around, hop up and down, fall down from their branches and not run back and forth. Phewsh!”

But there was one more animal that we didn’t did (that would drive a crazy) staying. And they sneezed! THE ELEPHANTS! They were sneezing on the zookeepers! And they couldn’t stop!

So all the zookeepers said, “Hey!”

And the elephant stopped shooting out water.

And it went happily ever after.

The End.

By Jonathan Frame