Sunday, December 9, 2007

Funny to Me

We rented "Batman: The Movie" the other day, at James's request. It was the old Adam West version and had all our favorite supervillians. One of the DVD's special features was all the original trailers. The main preview was full of Batman saying clever things and Robin saying "Holy [fill in the blank], Batman!" Holy giant submarine! Holy catwoman! Holy buckets! Holy movie preview!

Well, one of the trailers was in Spanish, with subtitles. They didn't mess around trying to convey Robin's extemporaneous blather. They simply repeated over and over again, "Santo superlativo, Batman!"

This translated means, "Holy superlative!"

I just think that's hilarious! It's my new exclamatory phrase.

My coffee is especially yummy? Holy superlative!
I hear from a long-lost friend? Holy superlative!
Someone cuts me off in traffic? Holy superlative!
I find myself moving again for the 31st time? Holy superlative!
I hear my children squabbling in the other room for the 3,331st time? Holy superlative! (Actually, that one more often makes me want to exclaim, "For the love of God!!!!")

Wishing you and yours a Feliz Navidad and Santo Superlativo.

Disclaimer: Jeff says I should point out that this post was written by someone with an innocent and unsullied mind whose "superlatives" are all clean. Cow, buckets, flying saucers, etc.