Friday, December 7, 2007

Function and Fascination

I'm really excited about the boys' toy area. It's super duper organized. One of my gifts from the Lord is kids who like organization. James gets edgy if stuff is out of place, and he feels secure when everything's all put away. Jonathan manifests his love for organization in a different way: he organizes things. He just shelved all our shoes this morning. They are extremely neat and tidy. And today I overheard him rummaging through one of the boxes you see above, and he suddenly burst out, "Wait a second! This doesn't go here!"
You're right, Jonathan. It doesn't go there. It goes in one of these neatly labeled, easy-to-reach boxes.
These are the bunk beds Jeff made. Beyond the bed, you can see James's "Lonely Place" (i.e. his side of the room.) Jonathan has a smiliar spot on the other side of the bed. At the foot of the bed, where I stood to take the picture, is a big shared play area. Fun.
These are the precious lambs who slept through my entire photo shoot. Jonathan MUST have his arms out.
While James is barely visible in his little blanket cave setup he's got going.