Monday, November 26, 2007

to-do list revision

Well, here's my revised moving to-do list, also affectionately known as, "Ohmygoshthecarpetguyiscomingtomorrow!!!!!"
  • Sunday: Measured the floors ourselves.
  • Sunday: Bought carpet.
  • Sunday: Called carpet install guy.
  • Sunday: Scheduled carpet installation for TUESDAY.
  • Sunday: Suddenly realized painting had to be done BEFORE Tuesday.
  • Sunday: Bought five gallons of paint at The Home Depot. 1 can Behr Cherry Cobbler, 2 cans Behr Clair de Lune, 2 cans Behr High Plateau. You can view these colors for yourself at :-) I tried to link them, but they're in a window in a window in a window and there was no visible link.
  • Monday: Painted one living room wall Cherry Cobbler, three living room walls Clair de Lune, and four bedroom walls High Plateau. Played Goldilocks and the Three Bears with one very bored toddler whose portable DVD player's batteries were dead.
  • Tuesday: Work in morning.
  • Tuesday: Carpet installer guy will tear out old carpet.
  • Tuesday: Carpet installer guy will put down new carpet.
  • Tuesday: Start packing! Really! You need to start packing! You're moving in six days! Pack something! Anything!
  • Tuesday: Karate class.
  • Tuesday: Date Night to meet friend's fiance.
  • Wednesday: Keep packing!!
  • Wednesday: Work from home on bulletin, et al.
  • Wednesday: Choir practice.
  • Thursday: Work in morning.
  • Thursday: Pack, pack, pack.
  • Thursday: Worship practice.
  • Friday: Pack. Pack for the move, pack the boys to go to Grandma's house, pack ourselves to go on youth retreat.
  • Friday: Go on youth retreat.
  • Saturday: Youth retreat.
  • Sunday: Youth retreat.
  • Sunday: Rest.
  • Monday: Move kitchen.
  • Tuesday: Move bathroom/dining room.
  • Wednesday: Move boys' room.
  • Thursday: Move our room.
  • Friday: Move living room.
  • Saturday: Get Christmas tree/decorate for Christmas.
  • Sunday: Rest.

Then unpack, have Christmas, rest, Happy New Year!