Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Prayer = Provision

So we're moving, as you know, if you've been keeping up with our blog. Our first step has been to offload our extra furniture. So far we've been able to get rid of four dining chairs, one wicker chair, one drop-leaf table, one cold, uncaring leather couch, and one trendy couch we found to be decidedly UNcomfortable and UN-sit-on-able.

Yes, I fully acknowledge that we've let go of an entire living/dining set. Yes, we had two complete sets of furniture in our 940 sq ft home. Most of it was on the back porch. But don't worry. We're keeping all the family heirlooms. Everything we got rid of came from craigslist and was distributed via craigslist. We love craigslist.

So we currently have no couch. Our new living room is sectional-sized. So we thought we'd like to get a sectional. I started scouring craigslist a couple of weeks ago for a sectional. We found some that would work, but Jeff said, "Let's wait until we have the job..." Okay. So we got the job. Then I continued my scour. I found two or three that would have worked for us, but in every case, no one returned my emails or phone calls. Their sectionals are still listed as for sale or free, but for whatever reason, I have not been contacted by any of them.

After our uncomfortable, trendy couch went away a couple of days ago, the search for a sectional became more of a priority. Especially since we're moving in six days.

This morning, as I watched Jeff paint the last edge trim of the red wall of my new living room, and as we waited for the carpet installers to show up (our last pre-couch activity), I said to Jeff, "I'm really at a loss as to what to do about a sectional, Jeff."

Jeff the Sage said, "Well, my best advice is for you to pray about it."

Genius! I bowed my head right then and said, "Lord, You can have this whole sectional thing. I give it to You."

A couple of hours later, our friends came upstairs from the church office (which we will be living above), to ooh and ahh over the carpet and freshly painted walls. I said to one of them, Jim, that we were looking for a sectional for the living room.

Jim said, "You might call Coreen. The Stantons have a sectional they're trying to get rid of. They tried to give it to us a few months ago, but it was determined that it was the wrong color, or it didn't fit in our space, or something."

I called Coreen. "We've been looking for a sectional, and Jim said you had one you were trying to get rid of, so I was wondering if we could have it."

Coreen said, "HALLELUJAH! Praise God!"

I took that as a yes.

Then I explained to her all of the above, about searching for two weeks and coming up empty even though sectionals appeared to be available, and Jeff's suggestion that I pray, and the fact that she was the obvious (and QUICK) answer from the Lord.

She said it was a "bi-answer", as she had been praying about getting rid of it. Pretty neat.

So Jeff's going to their house tomorrow evening to get our new, free sectional, which we can immediately house in the the new home, since the carpeting and painting are all done!

I just love how swiftly God came to my aid. Two weeks of futile searching with me in control became two HOURS of provision with God in control.

"And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus." Phil 4:19