Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Part 1

Jonathan's preschool class visited the pumpkin patch this morning. Jeff's family has been telling us for years that we need to go see this particular pumpkin patch, so we all headed out. James took the day off from first grade, and we brought Grandma too! Such a nice treat for us that she was able to come.

I had pictured a crisp fall day. Maybe a little Oregon drizzle. No dice. The rain pelted our faces like tiny little bits of ice. After a quick explanation about pumpkins and wheat by a harried farm worker, we boarded a little train and headed to the pumpkin patch.
James and Grandma smile for posterity despite the ice knives stabbing their cheeks.
You can see Jonathan and I are a bit more chipper, the ice knives not stabbing our faces but only our necks. Jonathan LOVED the train ride. Wahoo!
This is where we rode the train to. We walked across the field with heads down, noses dripping and fingers losing feeling. But we got all the way out there and back, each with a pumpkin to show for our efforts. It was really neat to see that many pumpkins dotting the landscape. So neat, in fact, that my overwhelmed and awed self plumb forgot to take a close-up picture! Just kidding. But by the time I realized I hadn't taken a picture of the pumpkin patch, which of course was the purpose of our visit, there was no way I was tromping all the way back out there. So I am perfectly content with this 'panoramic' view. Doesn't my camera have a killer zoom?
The hay maze was my favorite part. I love mazes. Three bales of hay were just over the boys' heads, so it was really cute to watch the tops of their little blue hoods bobbing along.