Monday, September 17, 2007

Math and Theology

The boys, always wanting to do everything together, are thrilled that they're both in school this year.

And they really like their backpacks.

James is in first grade at Heritage Christian School. He is having a lot of fun this year. He came home the other day with his math homework and informed me that he didn't need help because he had it covered. He then proceeded to show me how to add doubles. How do you figure out what 9 plus 9 is?

Like this:

You say, "Nine," and hold up nine fingers.
Then you wiggle all nine fingers mysteriously and say, "Add another."
Then you count upward from nine while putting down one finger at a time. When all the fingers are gone and you are holding up two fists, you have reached 18!

Jonathan is at Laurel Church Preschool. According to his preschool teacher's mom, with whom I chatted after church yesterday, he is very bright. Which of course we knew already, since he is, after all, our child, and therefore the smartest kid in the universe, because every parent likes their kid the best, etc.

Anyway, he is getting a solid theological foundation. He has informed us of the following:
"Mom, Jesus is God."
"Mom, God's got the whole world in His hands."
"Mom, God loves me, and I love God. And Jesus loves me. And Jesus is God."
"Mom, God says to be kind."
"Mom, there's clean hearts, and there's dirty hearts."
"Mom, I have a dirty heart because I do bad things."

He also prays. The other day he was playing legos, and he always sort of talks to himself while he plays alone. This time, he interrupted himself mid-sentence, looked up at the ceiling and said, "Hmm? What? Nothing. I'm just playing legos." Then he proceeded to explain his game.

Not knowing whether or not I was supposed to be paying attention and responding, I said, "Jonathan, who are you talking to?"

He turned his head around with a "don't disturb me" expression and said imperiously, "I'm talking to GOD."

I said, "Yay! You go right ahead!"