Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mission Completion

We finished playing Lego Star Wars II: The Original Episodes this weekend. On our date. Jeff's mom had agreed to keep the boys for us Saturday while we went to an all-day worship shindig at church, but she called the day before and said, "Since you were planning to bring the boys so early in the morning, why not just bring them tonight instead and they can have a sleepover! Then you and Jeff can have a date!"

Twist my arm.

Jeff and I have come to grips with the fact that our favorite date is dinner and a movie. We just really like dinner and a movie. We are NEVER bored by dinner and a movie. We never feel restless, or like we should have planned some more exotic kind of date, or like we're old fuddy-duddies, or like we have a "settled" marriage, or anything. We just like dinner and a movie.

But on Friday night, after dinner, we didn't go to a movie. We DEVIATED. Jeff drove us to a nature preserve right in downtown Hillsboro, and we walked all around. I was having another tired day, so our walking speed was like that of a toddler who just got his sea legs. We picked blackberries and ate them, we sat on a fallen log and reminisced about our very first walk in the woods together, we leaned over the bridge railing and had a competition to see whose spit made the most spectacular ripple in Rock Creek below.

Then we went to a cute little coffee shop where I have coffee with my mentor every Thursday at the crack of dawn. I had been wanting Jeff to see the place, since he likes coffee shops so much. It's called Insomnia. If you lived in Hillsboro, you would go there. And love it. If my college friends lived around me, it would be our hangout spot. And the proprietors would be part of our group. And they have good non-dairy options. And live music on weekends.

So we didn't stay for the live music because it didn't start until 9 pm and we are SO OLD that we didn't want to be out that late. Not that we are always home by 9 pm. But we had an early morning coming up. So we sagely betook ourselves to our humble abode.

And then we settled into our favorite chairs, each with a game controller, and played Lego Star Wars II until almost midnight. SO FUN!! We finished the game completely. We've now built Lego Tower and bought every character available and fought the Dark Force as Santa Claus. We've detected every minikit and captured every power block. We have invincibility, super lightsabers, score x10, super zappers, super blasters, and super Ewok catapults. We know every inch of Lego City by heart and which door inside Mos Isley cantina leads to which portion of the exterior of the spaceport.

The best part about it, for me (and I'm SURE I'm the only member of my testosterone-laden family this is the best part for), is that we have done it all as a family. It's been totally bonding and team-building and a great venue for speaking each other's love languages. The boys have felt cozy and loved as I've sat side by side with them blasting stormtroopers into tiny plastic Lego pieces. We've all waited patiently for Jonathan to master the controller. And you should have heard the ecstactic cheering the neighborhood was treated to when we finally completed the bounty hunter missions!!

So finishing the game with my very best friend in the whole wide world was the perfect conclusion to our family's epic Star Wars endeavor.

Today at church, my friend Rebecca asked, "How was your date on Friday night?"

I said exuberantly, "It was great! We played Lego Star Wars! And we finished it!"

She just laughed at me and shook her head. "To each his own!"

Or HER own, as the case may be. I am glad beyond words to have been matched up with dinner-and-a-movie-loving, nature-walk-taking, spit-ripple-making, coffee-connoisseuring, video-game-mastering, family-leading Jeff Frame. Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!