Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hero Questions

Dad is James's hero.

Dad, you’re great at football.
Dad, do you wear glasses?
Dad, are you a great mechanic?
Dad, are you great at puffing up umbrellas?
Dad, what kind of shirt do you usually wear?
Dad, I know you’re a great mechanic, so here’s a monkey wrench.
Dad, are scissors tools?
Dad, have you ever cut anything? Did you cut very well?
Dad, have you ever cut yourself?
Dad, I’ll need to know your real name. Spell your name.
Dad, what do you do at work?
Dad, what’s a contractor?
Dad, how do you spell ‘builder’?
Dad, tell me about you and I'll type it in here.
Dad, you have to tell me about you to know what do I type.
Dad, what do I type about you?
Dad, tell me about you.
Dad, you're a great...
Dad, I just couldn't decide what I should say you're a great.
Dad, I want to say you're a great mechanic.

Okay. Type "h-e-space-i-s-space-a-space-g-r-e-a-t-space-m-e-c-h-a-n-i-c"

I wanna yell it.

Oh, you want a yell thing? So push the shift button, and then push number 1.

I'm all done typing.

Okay, now you have to type in your name. Good. Now hit send. You did it!

If James gets his wish, Dad will soon be prominently featured in the Higglytown Heroes Hall of Fame.

He'll always be in James, Jonathan and Mom's Hero Hall of Fame.