Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Frames In Motion

Summer Photos (May - August)

One of our local elephants celebrated a birthday, so naturally we had to go and show our support.

We went to Seattle and visited cousin Sara...

...and cousin Madeline.

Then we met Ronald McDonald. He lives in Boise.
Arrrrrrrrr Matey!!!!!
Refrigerator art... Celia Marie Baker
Church Campout. L-R Little Joe the stuffed dog, James, friend Maggie, Baby Jaguar, Diego, and Jonathan.
Painting together at the church campout. I loved the camaraderie here.
And here. And notice the identical facial expressions.
Like father... son.
Mom had to take a picture of me for my new preschool apple ornament.
I'm going to first grade!
I am art.
I was running up the stairs...
...and then BOOM! My eye went purple!
But it's healing nicely.