Friday, June 1, 2007

The Pineapple Story

When we left to pick James up from school, Jonathan asked if he could bring along a box of Goldfish crackers. I said, "Yes, if you promise to share them with James when we get to the school." He said he would.

Partway there, he began to verbalize a softly spoken argument. Something like, "But I don't want to share the Goldfish...I want to eat them all." He spoke so quietly I could barely hear him.

When we arrived at the school, James spied the Goldfish as soon as he climbed into his seat, but before he had a chance to ask for any, Jonathan stoically offered, "James, are you ready for some Goldfish?"

"Yep," said James.

Jonathan replied heroically, "Here you go!"

Bursting with gratitude, James gave this magnanimous compliment: "Now THAT'S becoming a Christian!"

Members of my immediate family will understand the title of this post.