Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dat Man

I discovered Jonathan in the basement bathroom at my parents' house last week, cheeks bare, solemnly tearing a long swath of toilet paper vertically. I said, "Are you all done going potty?"
He replied very seriously. "Yes."
"Would you like some help wiping?"
"Yes...Dat man said I could use less."
I wracked my brain, wondering which male in the house had happened upon the scene before me. I said, "You mean Uncle Aaron?"
"No. Dat man."
"Noooo, Mom! Dat man!"
"What man?"
"You know! Dat man in da TV."
I thought I understood. We have a Bear in the Big Blue House DVD about potty training. But I thought Jonathan probably would have specified "bear" instead of "dat man."
I tried again, "You mean Bear from Bear in the Big Blue House?"
With three-year-old exasperation, "Noooo! On CHARMIN!"
Aha. There's a Charmin commercial on Nick Jr. in which an unseen announcer explains that if you get the ultra soft double roll of Charmin, you can use less toilet paper. Jonathan apparently thought it was worth a try.