Friday, December 29, 2006

Faux Finish

This morning I was bawling my eyes out over a heartbreaking experience from my past, and my sweet husband thought of the most perfect distraction imaginable. He suggested we turn our waterbed so the head was against the back wall of our bedroom. Just like my three year old, at the first sign of something so tantalizingly interesting, my tears dried up in a hurry.

Within minutes, we had determined to eradicate our overcrowded room of the king-sized waterbed altogether. The frame was falling apart, none of the drawers worked properly, and it was so gargantuan that Jeff had to crawl over me to get to his side if he didn't want to do the two-step around the end of the bed before plopping down unceremoniously onto his pillow. So out with the monster, in with the queen-sized bed. The same queen-sized bed, incidentally, that the boys were currently sharing.

So once we got the waterbed out, we realized this would be a perfect opportunity to paint the room. I got to work sponging off the glorious pink and blue pastel ceiling border while Jeff went online looking for bunk bed plans. We needed bunk bed plans, of course, because we were planning to steal the boys' bed from them.

Jeff made a run to Home Depot to get paint and bunk bed wood, and then he spent the rest of the evening building the boys' new beds as fast as he possibly could so they could sleep in them tonight. I scrounged around for twin sheets, and after Jonathan experimented with various ways to smack his head on the new low ceiling of his bottom bunk, both boys were tucked safely away in their brand new beds, handsomely hand-crafted from scratch by Daddy. Jay is completely elated because he now has a space all his own. All he needs is a little shelf up there for his special treasures.

Tomorrow we'll paint our wall burgundy, and the rest of the walls a faux finish of wild honey and old bronze...when completed, it wil resemble old parchment, just like pirate treasure maps. Perfect for our pirate themed bedroom, for which Jeff is choosing all of the decor. He even has plans to put fake (or should I say "faux") cross beams up so it looks like an open-beamed ceiling.

The point is Jeff turned a sad day into a beautiful one. He's my best friend and it shows. What a picture he is to me of the love of God, Who loves me as if I were the only one to love.