Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Jack the Potty Cat

So Jack, our giant black cat, has adopted the toilet lid as his favorite sleeping spot. The lid has a plush cover on it, and if Jack curls up in a tight ball, he can fit his whole self on the lid. So every time someone needs to go potty, first they have to shoo the cat away. When it's me, I just push him off. The other day he was so annoyed at me that he jumped up on the bathroom counter and yowled in my face until I was finished, then with a disgruntled mew he settle back to his sleep as soon as I put the lid back down.

A couple of days ago Jonathan was in a bit of a hurry to go, since he had waited until the last second, as three-year-olds do. He pattered into the bathroom, but instead of the normal clattery Jonathan-potty sounds, I heard this:
"Get off. I have to go potty."
"I need to go NOW."
Urgently: "Get off, Jack! This is not a home!"
Then he came running out to the living room and tattled on the cat: "Mom! Jack won't get off the potty! I need to go potty! Oh dear!!"
We called Jack, and Jack came. With relief, Jonathan scurried back to the bathroom...and made it just in time. Whew!